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If you have any questions regarding Black Thorne Corporation (BTC) then please feel free to contact one of our diplomats.

BTCs main aim is to operate in solitude working with other solitude residents making our part of eve space a better place for all, as such any structure we launch will be open to the public to make use of its services.

If you are interested in joint operations please contact us.


image.eveonline.com_character_1141053182_128.jpg Morgus Dei

Rules of Engagement Overview

  • BTC follows a NRDS policy in hisec NBSI policy in lowsec, nullsec and wormhole space
  • Piracy, Scams, Theft, Griefing, Exploitation are not allowed.
  • Smack talk in any form e.g. local chat, private chat, mails is not permitted.

Agression Reports

If any BTC pilot has acted in a way outside our rules of engagement which has caused grievence please contact one of our diplomats with the details of the incident. Griefing and ganking is against our policy and if it happens we want too know about it. If an incident occurs where our pilot is at fault we will do our best to put things right.

Adversly if any of our pilots experience an act of agression towards them we ask them to report it to our diplomats so we are aware.

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