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Authentication Services Setup Guide

Initial Registration

  1. Click auth link

  2. Click Register Register button

  3. Enter the details IMPORTANT! if your character name has spaces remove the spaces from your username e.g. Character alexandra Lonark would be alexandralonark as username
  4. When all details are entered click the Register button

  5. You will now be logged into the dashboard. The first thing you need to do is add your character information to do this click Add API Key

  6. Click the “Create a full API key” link

  7. You will be redirected to the eve api management page, login with the account of the character you are registering with and when on the key management page leave all the settings as they (you are free to select No Expiry so as not to have issues later on) are and enter a name e.g. BTC Auth and click Submit.
  8. Copy the Key ID and the Verification Code of the API Key you have just created.
  9. Enter the Key ID and Verification Code on the Add API Key page of the Black Thorne Corporation Auth Service and click the Add Key button
  10. You will now see your characters and must select your primary character by clicking Make Primary

Important when you have registered account for future logons you can use eve online SSO. Just click the login with eve online button


More services maybe added, but for now the only service in use is our forum authentication.


To setup your forum account perform the following steps (only possible as a member of Black Thorne Corporation):

  1. Click on the Services link

  2. On the Available Services page click on the Activate button next to phpBB3 Forum

  3. Make a note of the username and password and click continue

  4. You can change your password by clicking on the Set Password button

  5. Once you have created your account you can login to the forums.


To access the wiki all you need to do is login to the forums, you will then be able to get to the private wiki pages.

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